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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 22, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. welcome to the show. we've got great videos, "right this minute." cops say that's a child predator prowling a store and touching himself inappropriately. you will hear his creepy come-on to attract kids. wild bears turn a family's outing into a thrill ride. now, meet mom, dad, and one brave little boy. >> next time, punch those bears right in the face. >> we lost to the bears. >> no, we don't. a driver in a racing competition takes a very wrong turn and runs right into the spectators. >> find out what may have sent him so off course.
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and, see what happens when a trained wreck tv star decides to get her kitty on. >> is that a hair ball? >> oh. what the heck? >> he just did that in front of all your fans. we begin our show today with a video that will make every parent grateful for security cameras. we got this story from cbs 4 in miami. the footage allegedly shows a 40-year-old retired chiropractor named jonathan davis, following children around a birling ton coat factory store videotaping him with his cell phone and touching himself inappropriately. >> oh, man. >> if you notice right here, the cell phone is up to this man's ear but the light is on. that was an indicator to police that his phone was recording. this happened back in march. police started investigating and even got a warrant to get davis'
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cell phone and according to police, they found 80 different videos that included footage of young children. >> you can't see what i'm hiding. you want to put that in your -- >> that's the most terrifying comment. you can't have a butt that nice when you are eight. according to police, with even making noises, cat calls to get children's attention, children as young as five. davis was arrested by police on friday. but, he is currently out on bond. >> did he have in he kind of prior record? was he a registered sex offender. >> he did have a prior record. this happened less than two months after he was arrested for allegedly performing a sex act, an indecent sex act at a kmart in hialeah, florida. in 2007, he faced different counts of indecent ex poeb yur in north carolina, including exposing himself to a
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15-year-old at a park. >> hopefully, this will be evidence that will put this guy in jail. argentinians were celebrating a classic and antique car show over the weekend. part of this event also gives awards to those drivers who can maneuver through an obstacle course. this video was posted on youtube on the channel of rivera. they are doing a slalom maneuver. going through this course is a 1970s peugeot. he goes through the first two cones without a problem and then he loses control of the car and runs right into the spectators. he ends up hitting four people, three adults and one 8-year-old boy. >> screams as the car goes into the crowd. >> it also looks horrendous to see the car ram against these people and some of them really go airborne. he really knocks people off their feet. >> the one guy in the dark
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jacket did a full cart wheel before he landed. >> i wonder how this happened, because he really got off course there. did something break on the car? >> apparently, the steering mechanism broke in the cars athe driver was going through this course. >> that's what it looks like. because, i mean, he is going back and forth and then straight for the sidewalk. >> but he did manage to get the car to stop. security immediately rushes over to help these people. this he were all taken to a nearby hospital. >> how bad were the injuries? >> the injuries were nonlife threatening. one of them did suffer a broken clavicle but they are all expected to be okay. a 13-year-old washington boy can thank the snow ho michigan county sheriff's office for this swift water rescue. over the weekend, william hickman was out hiking with his dad, his dad's friend and his brother when he waded into some water at wall as falls and he said he slipped and fell but he
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was able to climb up on this ledge before he plunged 270 feet down another waterfall. our friends at kiro 7 sat down with william hickman and talked to him about the whole ordeal. >> at first, i thought i was going to die but once i was up there, i figure it was going to be okay. some rescuers were going to come and save me. >> that was lucky he was able to get his footing. the water surrounding a waterfall is moving. >> he was cold, an hour's long rescue. >> he is not paying attention to the rescuers. >> you saw him crouched over trying to stay warm. at one point, he said he could hardly feel his feet. >> he through me a towel and his shirt and jacket. >> he is taking his first step up after they have him strapped in and secure and they have this pulley to try to get him out z that has to be tough.
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sitting there for so long in the cold, you are tight. it had to be tough just to make those few steps up the walk there. >> after they spent the night in the woods, you can see how the helicopter came in to flag him out of there. >> his dad must have been terrified to watch his son be swept away down a waterfall and then stuck on a ledge the size of a dinner plate. >> he was talking to me and stuff and telling me it was going to be all right and stuff. i was like, you guys, just calm down. aim safe over here. by the way, there is a fantastic view over here. >> the yellow stone bear world in rex burg, idaho, is a place where you can get up and close to hebert. one family got their money's worth. >> he is going in the car. >> in the car we are hearing mom, wendy, dad, jake and their little boy dash. dash is getting a little concerned at how close these
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bears are getting tohe car. >> dashy,eyu they are just curious. they can't do anything. >> i'm scared. >> one of these bears get on top of the hood of this car. to find out what happened next, we have wendy, jake, and dash joining us right this minute via skype. how did this happen that they were so attracted to your car? >> because of my bear shirt. >> he had his bear shirt on and they liked it and wanted to come see his shirt. >> that's probably it. >> what did it feel like when you fell the weight come down on the hood? >> we saw the hood and our car is actually brand new. we don't is even have anything on it. we were a little bit concerned. i think my husband was secretly hoping we would get some action like that. >> any action to the car? >> the dents popped right out as
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soon as he got off. there might be some scratches. i decided not to watch it yet just so the lasting memory can be there. >> dash, what did you think about all these bears coming close to your car? >> you can still beat them up afterwards. >> it wasn't five minutes until after we got out of the park that dash told us he was just about feet out of the car and punched them in the face. >> what should we have done to get the bears off? >> honk. >> we were supposed to honk three times. >> how did you get the bears out of the way so you could get out of the park? >> one of them just kind of spooked when i started reversing but if you noticed, the other one, he was a punk. he just decided to hold on through my rear-view mirror. >> next time, punch those bears right in the face, dash. >> we lost to the bears. >> no, we don't. hello, kitty.
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meet. >> meow. >> i'm hello kitty. >> yep, courtney saws is back with her latest video. >> it just gets even worse z it is fascinating. >> wait until you see the rest. and a video to remind you. >> don't day dream while you drive. >> this driver didn't get the memo that this wasn't an action movie. the crazy driving mishap caught movie. the crazy driving mishap caught on camera later. [ female announcer ] what do you share with your family? how do you keep in touch with friends on the go? stay connected to the people and things that matter most to you? with at&t's amazing u-verse services that let you build a personalized bundle that works for you. call now. bundles including u-verse tv, internet, and home phone start as low as $79 a month for 12 months -- our best bundle price. switch today and get a total home dvr included. or you can choose from a variety of tv packages to get the channels you want and from several reliable internet speeds
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get ready. i am about to scare the sweat out of your pores. >> the teen you are seeing who has a go-procamera strapped to a hat is ross colaugh vis. he is 18 years old and he spends his spare time climbing things all over russia. in this case, he is climbing the rusty island bridge, which is a
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brand new bridge. so brand new that the cranes are still up. that's actually what he is on. the cranes are higher than the bridge. >> aren't there gates to prevent average citizens from climbing up there? that's kind of dangerous. >> if they can climb a bridge, they can climb a gate. >> he is not only on the crane, he issen o t on the outside. >> is sweat coming out of your pores? >> this is really making me nervous. all it is going to take for him to fall, plunge to his death is a misstep. >> or an urge strike. >> look, he goes the distance of the top of this thing on the outside just holding on to this thin rail. this kid does this all the time. in fact, he has a blog. take a look at this. you scroll through it. one hand, one foot. >> talk about a cool facebook picture. >> but, is it worth risking your life? >> i don't know. that's probably the coolest picture ever. >> you scroll through his blog.
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you see photos from the tops of different structures all over russia. finally, he has a little protective barrier, that's his view. >> oh, boy, oh, boy. >> this next video is a very graphic train wreck. it might be difficult to watch. meow. i'm hello kit -- >> oh, boy. is this courtney stau done? >> this is courtney stau done doing her impression of hello kitty. >> she has been a train wreck ever since she first graced our presence in the news. >> i was fascinated by the video. it just gets even worse. >> it is fascinating. >> watch. >> what is the niche that she is trying to create here? is that a hair l? theheck?
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>> this is weird. >> this is disturbing. >> this is sad. >> a hair ball. >> this is sad. >> whose hair do you think that was? >> her parents allowed her to get married to that old dude. >> she looks like a clown. now, she is getting into the cat box. >> oh, yeah, watch. >> what the heck? >> i cannot believe i just saw that. >> so bizarre. >> i don't want to dignify it with some kind of response because that makes it seem like this is important enough to talk about. this is ridiculous. >> it would be really funny if years from now we find this was all a ruse and is really smart and has a ph.d. >> the only way this girl is going to be called dr. stoden is if she changes her first name to doctor. i am looking at a train wreck and i see sad headline
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with her name attached to it. remember the video of the swan attacking the water steer? >> i think there might have that on it. >> it just flew straight into things. >> now, we hear from the water-skier about what happened to the swan. and, backpack video time and remember this. >> just pop his pants off. >> see what backpacking and pop the pants off have to do with each other on r
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. when you are driving on the freeways, don't you day dream about being in a real cool action movie and you hit a ramp and go airborne. >> take a look at that car. >> wow! >> what the heck? >> it launched over the curb, over the guardrail. >> and on to this parking lot. you can see people realize what's going on. this guy starts walking in the parki parking lot. >> what's weird about it, it looks like a straight away. how did the guy lose control so much that he got himself launched over the guardrail. maybe he just got done watching
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fast and furious and took his car out there and goes, i am going to be just like those guys in there or vin diesel. >> vin diesel? >> if anything, this video should be a reminder -- >> don't day dream while you drive. last week, nick brought us this video. remember this, the guy skiing and suddenly a swan cuts across his path. >> oh! >> this happened in somerset county in england. we wanted to know a little bit more about exactly what was going on here. "right this minute" via skype from the uk, we have simon hall, the skier, and his daughter, martha hall. what exactly did you see as this was happening. >> to be honest, i didn't see anything. it all happened so quickly. martha saw much more, because she was actually in the boat. >> there was actually two swans.
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one of them hit the boat, because i just heard something and i looked behind and there was a swan that had just gone underneath the boat and it was all ruffled feathers. then, there was another one that i just saw and it just went straight in to ski. >> were either of the swans injured after this whole thing? >> they were certainly shaken. they were bobbing around in the water for a couple of minutes. fortunately, they seemed okay. >> the swan's neck was at a weird ang angle but it was okay. >> what did you do to these swans? >> i think they weren't looking where they were going. >> they both just flew straight into anything. this was the first timehey had flown into anybody place w waterford park in worth thing ton. she said they are going to use
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it as their propotionle video from now on. >> come to worthington park and get knocked over by a swan. this video is quite popular. are you excited about the attention. now, you guys are on "right this minute." >> yeah. i think the best thing, i got a free chocolate bar. >> we are in the go pro. so we wouldn't mind a free one of those. tomorrow on "right this minute" -- >> rehone those old shoes. >> what is the term rehone. >> how to get your old shoes a new home. that's tomorrow on "right this minute." no cat video so far in the show. so -- >> what was that? that's the weirdest move i ever saw. >> funny cat video time coming up next.
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put on your dumb criminal hat for a second and tell me where you would have dispose of a car that you will stoweden. >> i would put it in a car chopper-upper. >> a junkyard. >> if you are one of these two einsteins, you leave it behind a strip mall with 16 surveillance cameras. >> it is well-lit, high resolution. you get everything. >> they don't hide their faces. >> what they are wearing, what kind of underwear the guy is wearing because he pulls up his pants. >> they proceed to light the car
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on fire. >> two feet from a commercial building. >> these guys are awesome. >> one of them sets a fire inside the car but that doesn't seem to last very long. the other one goes to the back and they successfully light a fire but they don't cover their faces. >> they created more evidence by trying to get rid of the evidence. >> these two dudes probably walked away from this like, we are getting away with that one. >> police are still looking for the thieves in the ft. meyers area. i don't think it will be that hard to catch these guys. i think you guys can use a how-to video on how to ford a river when you are hiking. this one is from a guy that makes a lot of how-to video, john e. hiker but his technique in giving the how-to video is a bit interesting. >> i am over six feet tall so it is three feet right up to my crotch. >> about two minutes in, three minutes in, first crotch reference. there are a few more crotch
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references to come and john e. hiker let's us get up close and personal with that region when he decides to just pop his pants off for a demonstration. >> i am going to use the tripod technique where i am going to spread my legs out and face upstream. >> first thing you do when you are going to do the tripod technique, pop the pants off. >> that could kill you. >> there is snow on the ground here. >> this is probably getting near the deepest. as i am, you can see the water is almost up around my crotch. >> second crotch reference comes in at about 8:25. if you had to ford a river, and you see the technique, are you taking the pants off. >> maybe i will be hiking in my little hiking skirt and hike it up and go across the river. >> a hiking skirt? >> it is like a tennis hirt. i think the weirdest thing is in this how-to video, he says crotch more than once. >> there are probably a few
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other crotch references. >> he is a guy. i don't know. you guys seem to be obsessed with that region. >> i don't know if it is that much of an obsession as a fondness. >> a fondness. if you want to take out a mouse, you probably want to borough chris and jordan's cat. >> what was that? that's the weirdest move i ever saw. >> he is mad at himself. >> then, the cat almost ripped up the door map for a second. >> he is like, who are you and what are you doing in my house? >> you are silly. you are a silly-willy. >> he is a little silly-willy. >> he is like, get out of here e is ready to fight. >> he is doing that arched back thing that he sees in the halloween masks in people yards. e d youee his turn-around ninja mover. i am going to do a 360 and kick you with my back paw. >> he doesn't have a lot of
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self-awareness. >> cats recognize their own reflection. all they see is another cat. >> does your cat ever look in the mirror? >> yeah. >> she is really -- just like her owner. thanks so much for joining us. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody!
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